So You Want to Become a Graphic designer?

Yes, but the price of graphic design classes can be barrier to learning design skills. Fortunately, it isn’t required to go to design school to be a graphic designer. Also, you can often get the same depth of experiencing learning graphic design online .

Graphic design isn’t hard to break into, and, depending on your determination and schedule, you could learn the basics in a few weeks or a few months without being tied to a class schedule. It is also a great way to earn some extra money working from your home.
No matter if you are beginner, or you have already several years of designing under your belt, there is always room to grow and learn how to get better at what you do!

-discover what it is that makes amateurs stand out
-how to avoid mistakes in your own work
-learn the secrets and techniques of Professional graphic designers, illustrators, Photoshop users and artists
-learn how to create graphics, documents and logos…

Here you will find some great material that will get you started with your design education:

Graphic Design School-The Principles of Graphic Design

Graphic Design School – The Elements of Graphic Design


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